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Our Blog: 50 Greatest Yankee Moments

50 Greatest Yankee Moments. September 4, 1993. Jim Abbott's no-hitter.

Posted by Ken Revis at 8:44 AM on August 4, 2011

Jim Abbott comes into this game at Yankee Stadium with only a 9 and 11 record. He was knocked around in his last start against the team team he's facing today, the Cleveland Indians. Amazingly, Abbott was born without a right hand and still pitched successfully in the major leagues. He had excellent years with the Angels in 1991 and 1992. In 1991 he won 18 games with an ERA of 2.89, and had a 2.77 ERA in 1992. However, his ERA is much higher for the Yankees (4.10 after this game) in 1993. However, on this day, with the Yankees fighting for the pennant, he pitches a no-hitter. He gives up 0 runs on 0 hits, throwing 119 pitches, striking out 3 and walking 5. The Indians Abbott faces are not an easy lineup. It includes (with averages at game's conclusion) Kenny Lofton (.317), Carlos Baerga (.317), Albert Belle (.296), and Jim Thome (.292). On this day, Abbott makes them look bad. He wins his 10th game of the year, as the Yankees top the Indians, 4 to 0. See Game

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Teams: Angels, Indians, Yankees
Players: Jim Abbott, Carlos Baerga, Albert Belle, Kenny Lofton, Jim Thome
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