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Our Blog: 50 Greatest Yankee Moments

50 Greatest Yankee Moments. Introduction and Chronology

Posted by Ken Revis at 11:31 PM on August 26, 2011

This is the first in a series on 50 Greatest Yankee Moments.

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The New York Yankees are the most successful team in the history of baseball - in fact in the history of all North American sports. And that's coming from a life-long Boston Red Sox fan who grew up in the 40's and 50's and suffered all kinds of humiliations at the hands of the Bombers. With 27 World Series championships and 40 American League pennants, the Yankees have thoroughly dominated the sport. For all the hate of the Yankees outside of New York (and even in New York in some quarters), with the likes of Babe Ruth (curse or no curse), Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Don Mattingly, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera, they have been the envy of all other franchises and their respective fan bases.

So how could a historical website, such as this one, neglect this significant Yankees' contribution to professional baseball? The answer is - even for a die-hard Red Sox fan such as myself - you can't. This blog is dedicated to documenting the 50 greatest moments in Yankee history, one that is so rich in great moments, perhaps hundreds of them, that it represents a significant challenge. Such an attempt also risks incurring the wrath of Yankee fandom for omitting certain favorite moments. This is particularly true for a Red Sox fan documenting pinstripe accomplishments. However, for better or worse, here we go.

The first question is - what qualifies a moment or game to be the greatest? What criteria should we use? First of all, I believe it should be a lasting moment - one that fans talk about for years after the event. Second, it should be a moment that transcends the team. Fans from all over major league baseball, at least in their most objective moments (should that be possible) should agree to the moment's greatness. Third, the moment or game should contribute directly to the team's eventual pennant or championship and/or it should break existing American League or major league records. With the criteria established, we can now proceed with beginning to post the moments.

Each day for the next 50 days we will post one of the greatest moments in Yankee history under the tag of 50 Greatest Yankee Moments. They will not necessarily be posted in order of their importance, although the earlier ones will most likely be the ones most observers believe are the greatest in Yankee history. We welcome your input as to the moments/games you think should be included.

This blog is dedicated to Danny Lehrman, the greatest Yankee fan who ever lived, and despite being a Yankee fan is still a life-long, dear friend.

Chronological List of 50 Greatest Yankee Moments

September 30, 1927. Babe Ruth hits 60th home run.

October 9, 1928. Ruth's 3 homers help Yanks sweep Cubs in World Series.

June 3, 1932. Yankee Fireworks.

October 1, 1932. Ruth's "called shot". Both Ruth and Gehrig star.

1934. Lou Gehrig's Triple Crown Season

October 2, 1936. Yanks set World Series single game most runs record.

July 9, 1937. DiMaggio goes 5 for 5, hitting for the cycle.

July 4, 1939. Lou Gehrig's farewell speech.

July 19 and September 8, 1940. Buddy Rosar and Joe Gordon both hit for the cycle in the same year.

July 16, 1941. Joe DiMaggio's Hits in 56 Straight Games

October 5, 1941. The Passed Ball.

May 20, 1948. DiMaggio hits for cycle 2nd time

October 1 and 2, 1949. Yanks steal pennant from Boston.

October 5, 1949. Tommy Henrich's home run.

July 12, 1951. Aliie Reynolds No-Hitter.

September 28, 1951. Allie Reynolds pitches his 2nd no-hitter of the year, guaranteeing tie for pennant.

7th game 1952 World Series. Allie Reynolds tour de force

October 5th, 1953. Billy Martin's World Series winning, record-breaking hit.

Mantle's Triple Crown in 1956.

October 8, 1956. Don Larsen's Perfect Game

July 23, 1957. Mantle hits for the cycle.

October 8, 1960. Bobby Richardson's Grand Slam and 6 RBI's

October 1,1961. Roger Maris hits 61st

October 8, 1961. Whitey Ford breaks Babe Ruth's World Series scoreless streak record.

October 16, 1962. Yanks win series behind Ralph Terry.

October 10, 1964. Bouton and Mantle star.

August 29, 1972. Murcer hits for the cycle.

October 14, 1976. Chambliss' walk-off HR powers New York back to the World Series

October 9, 1977. Yankees once again win in the 9th inning against Royals in ALCS.

October 18, 1977. Mr. October!

June 17, 1978. Guidry strikes out 18.

October 2, 1978. Bucky Dent's home run

July 4, 1983. Dave Righetti no-hitter against Bosox.

September 30, 1984. Don Mattingly/Dave Winfield battle to the end.

July 18, 1987. Mattingly's 10 HR's in 8 games.

September 4, 1993. Jim Abbott's no-hitter

May 14, 1996. Doc Gooden's no-hitter.

October 23, 1996. Jim Leylitz home run.

October 26, 1996. Yankees win first World Series since 1978.

May 17, 1998. David Wells Perfect Game

July 18, 1999. Yogi Berra Day

July 18, 1999. David Cone Perfect Game

October 13, 2000. Rivera breaks Ford's postseason scoreless streak.

October 14, 2000. Clemens 15-strikeout 1-hitter in ALCS.

October 21, 2000. Subway Series returns to New York.

April 26, 2005. Alex Rodriguez drives in 10 runs in one game.

August 4, 2007. Alex Rodriguez hits his 500th career home run

October 16, 2003. Aaron Boone's Walk-off Home Run.

July 9, 2011. Derek Jeter's 3000th hit.

August 25, 2011. 3 grand slams in one game sets new record.

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