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Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta Braves — June 8, 2003 (No Comments)

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Game Summary
Team Runs Hits Errors LOB Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save Game Winning RBI
Pittsburgh Pirates  10  Trey Hodges  Josh Fogg  John Smoltz  Javy Lopez 
Atlanta Braves  12 
Game Information Run this game in our simulator
Day of Week Day / Night Visiting Team Home Team Visiting Starting Pitcher Home Starting Pitcher Ballpark City State Attendance Time of Game
Sun  Pittsburgh Pirates  Atlanta Braves  Josh Fogg  Russ Ortiz  Turner Field  Atlanta  GA  29,869  3 hours and 21 minutes 
Pittsburgh Pirates Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Atlanta Braves Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Umpires 
Name  Position  Name  Position  Name  Position 
Kenny Lofton  Center Fielder  Rafael Furcal  Shortstop  Derryl Cousins  Home Plate 
Jason Kendall  Catcher  Marcus Giles  Second Baseman  Mike DiMuro  First Base 
Brian Giles  Left Fielder  Gary Sheffield  Right Fielder  Andy Fletcher  Second Base 
Aramis Ramirez  Third Baseman  Chipper Jones  Left Fielder  Joe Brinkman  Third Base 
Randall Simon  First Baseman  Andruw Jones  Center Fielder     
Reggie Sanders  Right Fielder  Robert Fick  First Baseman     
Jack Wilson  Shortstop  Javy Lopez  Catcher     
Abraham Nunez  Second Baseman  Vinny Castilla  Third Baseman     
Josh Fogg  Pitcher  Russ Ortiz  Pitcher     
Manager  Lloyd McClendon  Manager  Bobby Cox     

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