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Texas Rangers at Minnesota Twins — September 26, 1981 (No Comments)

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Game Summary
Team Runs Hits Errors LOB Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save Game Winning RBI
Texas Rangers  10  Fernando Arroyo  Danny Darwin  (none)  John Castino 
Minnesota Twins 
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Day of Week Day / Night Visiting Team Home Team Visiting Starting Pitcher Home Starting Pitcher Ballpark City State Attendance Time of Game
Sat  Texas Rangers  Minnesota Twins  Danny Darwin  Fernando Arroyo  Metropolitan Stadium  Bloomington  MN  4,959  2 hours and 5 minutes 
Texas Rangers Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Minnesota Twins Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Umpires 
Name  Position  Name  Position  Name  Position 
Bump Wills  Second Baseman  Hosken Powell  Left Fielder  Vic Voltaggio  Home Plate 
Mickey Rivers  Center Fielder  Rob Wilfong  Second Baseman  John Shulock  First Base 
Al Oliver  DH  Dave Engle  Right Fielder  Terry Cooney  Second Base 
Buddy Bell  Third Baseman  Glenn Adams  DH  Rocky Roe  Third Base 
Pat Putnam  First Baseman  John Castino  Third Baseman     
Tom Poquette  Left Fielder  Butch Wynegar  Catcher     
Jim Sundberg  Catcher  Gary Ward  Center Fielder     
Leon Roberts  Right Fielder  Kent Hrbek  First Baseman     
Mark Wagner  Shortstop  Ron Washington  Shortstop     
Manager  Don Zimmer  Manager  Billy Gardner     

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