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Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals — April 19, 2017 (No Comments)

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Game Summary
Team Runs Hits Errors LOB Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save Game Winning RBI
Pittsburgh Pirates        —  — 
St. Louis Cardinals   
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Day of Week Day / Night Visiting Team Home Team Visiting Starting Pitcher Home Starting Pitcher Ballpark City State Attendance Time of Game
Wed    Pittsburgh Pirates  St. Louis Cardinals  Gerrit Cole  Michael Wacha  Busch Stadium  St. Louis  MO     
Pittsburgh Pirates Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster St. Louis Cardinals Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Umpires 
Name  Position  Name  Position  Name  Position 
Josh Bell  First Baseman  Matt Carpenter  First Baseman    Home Plate 
Josh Harrison  Second Baseman  Kolten Wong  Second Baseman    First Base 
Jordy Mercer  Shortstop  Greg Garcia  Shortstop    Second Base 
David Freese  Third Baseman  Jedd Gyorko  Third Baseman    Third Base 
John Jaso  Right Fielder  Stephen Piscotty  Right Fielder     
Andrew McCutchen  Center Fielder  Dexter Fowler  Center Fielder     
Gregory Polanco  Left Fielder  Jose Martinez  Left Fielder     
Chris Stewart  Catcher  Yadier Molina  Catcher     
Gerrit Cole  Pitcher  Michael Wacha  Pitcher     
Manager    Manager       

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