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New York Yankees at Cincinnati Reds — October 7, 1961 (No Comments)

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Game Summary
Team Runs Hits Errors LOB Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save Game Winning RBI
New York Yankees  Luis Arroyo  Bob Purkey  (none)  Roger Maris 
Cincinnati Reds 
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Day of Week Day / Night Visiting Team Home Team Visiting Starting Pitcher Home Starting Pitcher Ballpark City State Attendance Time of Game
Sat  New York Yankees  Cincinnati Reds  Bill Stafford  Bob Purkey  Crosley Field  Cincinnati  OH  32,589  2 hours and 15 minutes 
New York Yankees Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Cincinnati Reds Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Umpires 
Name  Position  Name  Position  Name  Position 
Bobby Richardson  Second Baseman  Elio Chacon  Second Baseman  Frank Umont  Home Plate 
Tony Kubek  Shortstop  Eddie Kasko  Shortstop  Augie Donatelli  First Base 
Roger Maris  Right Fielder  Vada Pinson  Center Fielder  Ed Runge  Second Base 
Mickey Mantle  Center Fielder  Frank Robinson  Right Fielder  Jocko Conlan  Third Base 
Yogi Berra  Left Fielder  Gordy Coleman  First Baseman     
Elston Howard  Catcher  Wally Post  Left Fielder     
Bill Skowron  First Baseman  Gene Freese  Third Baseman     
Clete Boyer  Third Baseman  Johnny Edwards  Catcher     
Bill Stafford  Pitcher  Bob Purkey  Pitcher     
Manager  Ralph Houk  Manager  Fred Hutchinson     

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