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Bryce Harper

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Our system contains the following batting and pitching play-by-play games matching your search. Click on any of the results to view a detailed game listing.

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Games where a player does not have a plate appearance are not included above.

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Noteworthy Games (5 found)

  Event of Note Date Player Team Opposing Team Number
Go to Game 4+ Hits April 19, 2017 Washington Nationals Atlanta Braves 4
Go to Game 4+ Hits April 10, 2017 Washington Nationals St. Louis Cardinals 4
Go to Game 3+ Homeruns May 6, 2015 Washington Nationals Miami Marlins 3
Go to Game 4+ Hits April 17, 2013 Washington Nationals Miami Marlins 4
Go to Game 4+ Hits September 11, 2012 Washington Nationals New York Mets 4