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Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Houston Astros — June 8, 2003 (No Comments)

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Game Summary
Team Runs Hits Errors LOB Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save Game Winning RBI
Tampa Bay Devil Rays  Tim Redding  Victor Zambrano  Billy Wagner  Geoff Blum 
Houston Astros 
Game Information Run this game in our simulator
Day of Week Day / Night Visiting Team Home Team Visiting Starting Pitcher Home Starting Pitcher Ballpark City State Attendance Time of Game
Sun  Tampa Bay Devil Rays  Houston Astros  Victor Zambrano  Tim Redding  Minute Maid Park  Houston  TX  28,821  1 hour and 54 minutes 
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Houston Astros Lineup  Simulate a game using this roster Umpires 
Name  Position  Name  Position  Name  Position 
Marlon Anderson  Second Baseman  Craig Biggio  Center Fielder  Eric Cooper  Home Plate 
Rocco Baldelli  Center Fielder  Jose Vizcaino  Shortstop  Tim Timmons  First Base 
Aubrey Huff  Right Fielder  Jeff Bagwell  First Baseman  Matt Hollowell  Second Base 
Travis Lee  First Baseman  Jeff Kent  Second Baseman  Bill Hohn  Third Base 
Toby Hall  Catcher  Lance Berkman  Left Fielder     
Jeff Liefer  Third Baseman  Orlando Merced  Right Fielder     
Julio Lugo  Shortstop  Geoff Blum  Third Baseman     
Carl Crawford  Left Fielder  Brad Ausmus  Catcher     
Victor Zambrano  Pitcher  Tim Redding  Pitcher     
Manager  Lou Piniella  Manager  Jimy Williams     

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