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Completed Simulations

Simulate a Game!

Use this tool to simulate the results of a customized game.

1 Make a new game from your favorite lineups

Who’s better? 1969 Mets or 2015 Mets?
Red Sox Faceoff: 2004 Red Sox vs. 2007 Red Sox
World Series Faceoff: 2015 Mets vs. 2015 Royals





  1. Each player in the lineups chosen, including pitchers, play the complete game.
  2. The full career of each player chosen is used to determine the player’s likely performance unless the player played in the specific year. In that case the player’s performance is based on that year only.
  3. No consideration is given to differences in time periods. Thus, a .300 hitter in 1950 is considered able to hit .300 in 2015.